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~*Updated December, 06, 1999...What? You don't know what CatDog is? Well you're in luck, here's a full detailed description of the show in general, right here!!!*~

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Whats CatDog?!!

So...it looks like your a little new to this show, eh? Well, if you don't know what catdog is, I'll tell you.. The show is about Cat named Cat and a Dog named Dog. And they arent your normal housemates. They are conjoined twins!!! So that would make them a catdog.

No one knows exactly how they got this way, but if your about 9 and older, you might understand the process of "genes." Why not ask a parent about it. Anyways, the show is about a cat and dog attached to each other. They do everything together, but the only problem is, they both have totally different personalitys, which makes it hard for both of them, on what to do for entertainment, and whatever else they do everyday in daily life.

Cat is about a couple minutes older then Dog, so that would make cat a little wiser then his
brother Dog. CatDog would have an almost perfect life, but with the greaser dogs in the way.
Were afraid that its not possible. The Greaser Dogs are bullies that like to pick on CatDog, especially Cat. So it makes life kind of hard on them.

CatDog lives in the wonderful town of Nearburg with their housemate, Winslow, who is a mouse
that looks like an elf. But thats another story. lol. Anyway CatDog gets along with Winslow, but
life would be better if he stopped playing so many tricks on them.













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